Specializing in Building Custom Homes in Oklahoma

All “Armstrong Homes” carry a One-Year Warranty from the time the Owner takes occupancy. The foundations meet all code requirements with 4 – 5/8” re-bars for reinforcement. Concrete stem walls are a minimum of 16” with vertical steel at 3’-0” on centers from foundation to stem wall. The sand base is backfilled in the stem wall to allow a 4” Concrete floor slab. Before the concrete is poured 3/8” re-bars are placed at 3’-0” centers each way and placed on 1 ½” vertical chairs. All concrete is 3,500 PSI throughout the project.


The house is framed with 2x6 exterior walls and 2x4 interior walls. This allows us to blow fiberglass insulation in the exterior walls which gives us an R-21 insulation value. I use 6” fiberglass batts in the garage walls and ceiling for an R-19. The rest of the ceiling is insulated with a minimum of R-30 fiberglass blown insulation. I use electric power vents on the roof set at 95 Degrees to exhaust the heat along with foil backed OSB for roof decking to reduce the attic heat. All windows have E glass and I apply house wrap to reduce the cold, heat and air penetration along with 30 year 90lb. Tamko shingles to finish off the exterior framing. All this provides for a weather tight and quality built house.


The exterior is usually a combination of Brick and Rock that provides a beautiful curb appeal. On the interior I use a combination of floor tile, hardwood flooring, and carpet for floor covering. For Kitchen and Bathroom countertops we use Granite, and Wood finishes can be stained, stained with a glaze finish, painted, or painted with a glaze finish, or other finishes as desired. These are the ones I use. You can see all this in my picture gallery.


The following is an itemized list that I go over with the clients to get them headed in the right direction on building their new home.

  • Get pre-qualified through a Bank or Mortgage Company.
    o Owner will get a Construction Loan through a Bank or a Mortgage Company.
    o The Owner will be responsible for Builder Risk Insurance.
    o The Builder will be responsible for General Liability Insurance.
  • Purchase Land or Building Lot.
  • Decide on House Plans (Builder can help with this, if needed).
  • Select your Builder.
  • Need Estimated Construction Cost and Time Frame.
    o Builder will give the prospective client an estimated cost in Dollars and Dollars per square foot.
    o After the Construction Contract has been signed between both parties the Builder will submit an itemized cost estimate that will be used throughout the construction.
    This is how I go about my projects. My wife and I will be glad to work with you on building your new home.


Charles B. Armstrong


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